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A national, award-winning artist, Jennifer Felton is passionate about carving and timelessly capturing birds and feathers in wood. For over 15 years, she’s created exclusive, competition-quality pieces that focus on fine detail and stunning realism.


Embracing the challenge and paradox, Jennifer thrives on combining rigid mediums such as tupelo wood, copper, paper, and oil paint to create visually soft birds. Each feather is breathtakingly real; as in nature, no two feathers are created alike. From the delicate edge work and downy loft to wood burning each barb, no detail is overlooked. 


She’s studied extensively with falconers and bird rehabilitators, learning to incorporate the hyper-realistic characteristics that make her pieces stand out. Spending time with the birds is another dimension of the art form that Jennifer is passionate about. 

Jennifer has been competing in the Ward World Carving Championship for over a decade. Her most recent recognition includes:

  • Red Tail Hawk: First place in the birds of prey category in the Advanced division

  • Barred Owl: First place in the birds of prey category in the Advanced division and first place in the entire Advanced division

In addition to birds, Jennifer’s wildlife drawings are created with the same special attention to detail. From deep reflections in the eyes to the cascading motion of fur, the attitude and emotion of the wildlife subject is clearly evident.


"I love to be outside no matter the weather conditions. I am rarely without binoculars and always have an eye to the sky. I participated in a state-wide bird count this past winter and we spotted some great birds."


"It is is amazing what you see on random hikes through the woods. Flocks of cedar wax wings, newly born fawns, and a five-lined skink lizard are a few of my favorite finds."


Studying takes many forms. From setting up trail cameras next to carcass piles to rushing to bird sightings to see a migrating bird not native to our area. 

On snowy Iowa days, a warm studio is a welcome place to concentrate on details and tweak to my heart's desire.


My favorite carving possession? The small band saw in the background.

image3 (2).jpeg


In spring 2021, I built a new art studio east of our property. Complete with separate work spaces for carving, drawing and painting the studio is nearly all glass with plenty of natural light. The space was designed with practicality and flexibility in mind. It is a dream come true with wide views of the countryside and wildlife.

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